Locked in a Battle for Market Share? Tip the Scales in Your Favor With Technology

Locked in a Battle for Market Share? Tip the Scales in Your Favor With Technology

Topics: customer relationship management, ready-mix producers, concrete producers


Concrete producers continually struggle to gain a competitive edge in an industry perceived as a commodity. Customers often reward low bidders without understanding how technology can improve their bottom line. 



Implement tools that provide transparency to real-time data like truck locations, order status, instant communication and electronic data exchange to drive efficiency. 



Technology is a large part of Mokena, Illinois-based Ozinga’s answer. A key initiative is harnessing real-time information for employees and customers. Streamlining its entire quote-to-cash process provides salespeople and customers with more information upfront. Salespeople can place and process orders more quickly, and customers have access to their historical data. 


Improving our internal processes and reducing juggling behind the scenes benefits everyone,” 

Keith Onchuck, Chief Information Officer at Ozinga.



Ozinga’s sales team uses a mobile tool to see customer histories, past quotes and other data needed in the quoting process. They use tablets to enter orders directly into Ozinga’s ticketing system, reducing processing time and data entry errors. Customers log in to their MyOzinga accounts online to request a quote and see order and account histories. 

Ozinga also launched a MyOzinga mobile app to give customers accurate insights into their day-to-day jobsite performance. 

The app provides real-time data on truck statuses, orders and tickets. 

Like other producers, Ozinga has debated the pros and cons of being fully transparent with customers. Ultimately, they felt there were more benefits to sharing information. For example, Ozinga’s trucks might be late on a given day, but the customer may have held trucks longer for unloading another day. 

“The only way we can improve and become better partners is by learning from our mistakes,” Onchuck said. “We know technology is fallible, but we’re also providing a level of 

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