Concrete Supervisors

Play-by-play performance

Within the BCMI app, project managers and supervisors have the critical details that determine the success of a project. Make real-time decisions to change the course of action, or review overall performance after the fact. Did your concrete provider meet expectations? Did your team hit the mark? When you and your project partners have the same information in-hand, you can address issues before they turn into problems.

Real-Time Project Management for Construction Contractors

What gets measured gets managed

The BCMI app gives Project Supervisors and Management visibility and analytics to make informed decisions. Is a project on schedule? How is Joe’s crew performing compared to Tom’s crew? Where is there room for improvement? Use the mobile app or web interface to stay on track, avoid problems, and plan ahead.

  • Crew & work type analytics
  • Mobile order request
  • Performance play-by-play on each order & project
  • Interactive calendar of materials ordered – past, present & future
  • Project data archive

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Real-time project details. Anytime.

Is the next delivery around the corner or ten minutes away? Is it time to put the order on hold? The BCMI app shows contractors where the next truck is coming, without calling a dispatcher. The app helps supervisors hold crews accountable, with real performance data on every project.

Instant account updates

Track orders, invoices, and balances as soon as they are generated, with the BCMI mobile app and Web interface. Scroll easily through records for a specific project or date range. Export a copy of an invoice or ticket directly from your phone or tablet.