“Finally, our dispatchers can get the information they need in one place and use a smooth workflow instead of a constant pattern of workarounds.”

Dave Mestrich, Operations Manager

Smith Ready Mix

Custom, Cloud-Based Dispatching Software

Dispatch like it’s the 21st century.

Finally, a dispatch system that ties it all together: fleet statuses, plant volumes, customer accounts, and mobile visibility. BCMI Logistics is a cloud-based dispatch system that cuts out the overhead cost of equipment and maintenance. Any data that’s accessible from the cloud – sales opportunities, customer pricing, plant performance, truck tracking – can be integrated. Your order flows seamlessly into dispatch.

BCMI Logistics

You know how to keep the business moving better than anyone. That’s why BCMI has worked with dispatchers from the country’s leading materials producers to design the first fully-integrated, cloud-based dispatch system. Execute orders quickly with the facts you need to maximize truck usage, and navigation designed from a dispatcher’s perspective. Use volume data to smooth out the day’s peaks and valleys. Communicate with customers and your internal team via real-time mobile interfaces and alerts.

Make every phone call count.

Every dispatcher has that special customer who calls multiple times a day with the same questions. Every minute you spend on repetitive calls takes time away from addressing more urgent issues. Empower your customers to track their orders in the Material Now app, and you can get back to putting out fires.