eTicket+eSign for Contractors

“Touchless” ticketing at job sites

eTicket+eSign is a paperless, touchless solution for ready-mix and bulk materials that keeps drivers and customers safely distanced yet always informed and connected. Contractors use their mobile devices or the Material Now app to receive and digitally sign for electronic tickets, track job site activity in real time, share information across project teams, and download or print ticket PDFs and spreadsheets on demand.

By cell phone

A text is sent with a link to your ticket, and another text is sent when a truck leaves the yard. As the job progresses, receive real-time updates on each truck’s location through web links to the ticket and order details.

By mobile app

Material Now users have on-demand access to all tickets – past and present. The designated eSigner for deliveries has access to all ticket information and can share it across the whole team.

Instant communication between the job site and home office

  • Share eTickets instantly from a smartphone or tablet
  • Site inspectors can view tickets and add test results
  • Project teams, including DOTs, can share notes
  • Anyone with the link can download and print ticket PDFs and export a spreadsheet of ticket data