Concrete Finishers

Real-time updates, without the phone call

Use the Material Now app to plan your day with real-time updates at your fingertips. Track trucks load by load via job site maps or status alerts. Submit new orders without making a phone call. Monitor projects remotely and deal with the unexpected as soon it happens. Look ahead at what’s on the schedule or look back at past order details.

Cloud-Based Project Management Solutions for Construction Contractors

Job site insights

With Material Now, contractors track order delivery and progress from a mobile phone or tablet. Look up your start time before you leave for the job site. Once you’re there, track the job’s activity load by load. A project map shows truck statuses at a glance. After the job is finished, you can refer back to order and ticket details anytime.

  • Truck ETA to job site
  • Request an order from mobile app
  • Order and ticket overviews
  • Interactive calendar shows daily volumes ordered
  • Weather stamps on each ticket

Past. Present. Future.

Think of Material Now as a mobile file cabinet that stores all your transactions with your concrete providers. You’ll find projects, orders, tickets, and even weather stamps for projects going back weeks, months, and years. The app also gives a preview of upcoming orders as soon as they’re confirmed. Forget shuffling through papers to find tickets, dates, or project details. Just tap the app.

Track your account

With the Material Now app and web portal, you can track orders, invoices, and balances without delay. Scroll easily through records for a specific project or date range. Export a copy of an invoice or ticket directly from your phone or tablet.