Produce data-driven results.

The Bulk Construction Materials Initiative (BCMI) fundamentally changes the way construction materials producers operate. Real-time access to performance data and customer activity streamlines the traditional business cycle. No need to wait a month for reports, or customer payments, when there is a continuous feed of information and communication accessible anywhere, anytime.

Partnerships start with communication.

BCMI apps connect materials producers, contractors, and vendors through a common mobile platform. When salespeople and customers can both see exactly why a job is running late, they can work together to fix problems. When a contractor can see upcoming orders, track today’s jobs, and access project archives, their materials producer truly becomes a partner.


The Material Pro app captures real-time, in-depth operations data and delivers it via mobile devices and the internet. Intuitive navigation gives producers access to performance data and customer records from the past, present and future. This visibility keeps producers at the forefront of the industry, and gives customers a reason to keep coming back.

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CRM & Quoting

BCMI’s fully-integrated sales platform lets your team manage the sales cycle in its entirety, from the field. Customer records, project opportunities, pricing details and quotes are available in one place to minimize data entry. The quote-to-cash process flows smoothly with time-saving features like automated mapping, pricing history, and customer “score cards.”

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BCMI Logistics is the first fully-integrated, cloud-based dispatch system. Dispatchers have access to customer data, plant capacities, fleet tracking and material inventories in a single platform. BCMI has worked with dispatchers from the country’s top materials producers to streamline data entry and eliminate common pain points. The result is a system that maximizes truck usage, monitors plant capacity, simplifies billing, improves customer interactions and predicts product demand.

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The Bulk Construction Materials Initiative is moving fast. We work in one-month cycles to release new software features and updates. When we say we’ll deliver something new in three months, we mean it. With the help of our producer partners we can test, refine and deliver impactful solutions without delay. The end goal: to deliver your data in meaningful ways, as quickly as possible.

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