Real-time project updates in the field

The Material Now app allows contractors to track material deliveries, job site performance, and project statuses in real time. If you have a cell phone or tablet, you’ll have the information you need to make timely, impactful decisions from the field.

“Now that our customers can access their orders through the BCMI mobile app, they are more self sufficient. At least one contractor has said, ‘I never want to call your dispatcher again!'”

Keian Roudebush, Advanced Technology System Architect

Irving Materials, Inc.

Cloud-Based Project Management Solutions

Concrete finishers

Following order statuses, truck ETAs, pour times, and tickets has never been so easy. Material Now makes it simple to do anything from tracking trucks on a project map to reviewing past orders, all through a convenient mobile app and web interface. Contractors in the field can request orders, exchange messages with concrete suppliers, get alerts, and head off potential problems.

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Concrete supervisors

The Material Now app measures aspects of every concrete job in real-time, for more effective management. Compare crew performance, follow project timelines, submit new orders, and access your invoices, statements, and tickets quickly. Make informed decisions with the data you need, from wherever your mobile office takes you.

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Bulk contractors

Cut out the guesswork with a rundown of day-to-day operations and delivery tracking. Seemingly simple information, such as how many loads have yet to be delivered, makes day-to-day work more efficient. The BCMI mobile app delivers detailed metrics, from cycle times to project volumes, that help you track productivity and see opportunities for improvement.

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Receive electronic tickets at job sites

eTicket+eSign is a paperless, touchless solution for ready-mix and bulk materials deliveries that keeps drivers and customers safely distanced. Contractors receive and electronically sign for digital tickets on their own device and can track job site activity in real time, share information across project teams, and download or print ticket PDFs and spreadsheets on demand.

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