The industry has spoken.

We’re listening.

Materials producers are demanding technology that works for them, not the other way around. BCMI’s Material Pro app is built in response to the needs of plant operators, salespeople, dispatchers, and QC technicians. Your business tools should be as unique as your business processes.

“Material Pro is the first thing I look at every morning. I can tell if we’re off to a good start, even before breakfast.”Tomas Carmelo, Director of Business Development

Titan America, LLC

Ready-Mix Concrete

Material Pro delivers a real-time view of your operations

  • Ready-mix production volumes
  • Sales revenue
  • Performance KPIs
  • Batch accuracy

Bulk Materials

Track aggregate, asphalt, and cement load by load with Material Pro

  • Volume sold per product
  • Internal and external delivery performance
  • Carrier activity over the road, rails, or water
  • Job data by the day, week, month, year

Boost your business intelligence

Imagine what you can accomplish with real-time operations data in the palm of your hand. Tap into a powerful search engine that sees the past, present, and future. Material Pro’s intuitive navigation takes you to the critical data you need to track performance and make timely decisions.

  • Daily volumes & order outlook
  • Operational performance metrics
  • Customer ‘scorecards’
  • Jobsite visibility
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Anytime, all the time

The Material Pro app for producers delivers the most important information you need to run your business, when and where you want it. Sales teams can be more proactive. Your customers can track job statuses at a glance with BCMI’s mobile and tablet apps. You and your customers have project and performance data from the past, present, and future for better communication and collaboration.

Connect and collaborate

Give your customers the advantage of visibility into their day-to-day job site activity, performance, and project management. When they can get real-time updates in the field, request orders and exchange instant messages with you, they’ll have a hard time buying materials from anyone else.

It’s your business

Most materials producers are juggling data from many different systems – dispatch, customer database, accounts payable, and so on. The challenge is harnessing all of this data in a digestible, actionable way. With BCMI Analytics, producers are making informed, data-driven decisions with real-time metrics.

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