Impact of the eTicketing Boom

Impact of the eTicketing Boom

Topics: IMI, concrete contractors, concrete producers, Irving Materials Inc., Material Now

During the COVID pandemic, companies had to come up with new ways to keep their employees and customers safe and keep contact to a minimum, or not at all. For producers and contractors in Indiana, a change was coming down from the Indiana Department of Transportation that would require them to go paperless. 

IMI started working with BCMI Corp. to implement its eTicketing solution. IMI’s customers were already using BCMI’s Material Now application, which allows users to track and submit orders from a mobile phone or tablet. With the eTicket and eSign components, contractors can receive and sign eTickets on their own devices, track job-site activity in real-time, share information across project teams, and download or print ticket PDFs and spreadsheets on demand. By April 1, 2020, IMI had an eTicket to offer its customers, and went completely paperless by August 2020. 

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