Material Pro 3.28

Material Pro 3.28


Override Max Load Size
The capability to override the maximum load of a truck has been added. When ticketing a truck, select the “Override Max Truck Load” option and input your desired truck load. This feature enhances flexibility in managing truck loads according to your specific requirements.


Waiting Time Fee
The ability to add a fee based on waiting time has been introduced. This fee can be applied either per minute or per load waiting. To utilize this feature, select “Waiting” from the auto-add fee drop-down menu.


Negative Payments
The functionality to process negative payments has been added. This allows for easy management of refunds or overpayments during payment collection, including counter-sales transactions. To utilize this feature, input a negative value when collecting payments.


Negative Ticket Quantities
Similar to the negative payments functionality, users can now input a negative quantity in tickets, making it convenient for handling refunds, credits, or overestimates. To utilize this feature, enter a negative number in the relevant ticket field.


Invoicing Filters
The ability to filter tickets based on their invoicing status. Now, you can easily categorize tickets as “Never Invoiced” or “Previously Invoiced,” streamlining your ticket management process.