Material Pro 3.27.2 and Material Now 3.22.2

Material Pro 3.27.2 and Material Now 3.22.2


  • Enhanced Order Form Timeline: Schedule, order plant, slump, spacing, tags, travel time, and notes edits now display on the order form timeline for streamlined tracking.
  • First Round Report at a Glance: Gain immediate insights with the newly added ability to view the current day’s first round report effortlessly.
  • Counter Sales Simplified: Enhance your counter sales experience with the newly introduced feature of filtering products based on plant availability.
  • Quote Filtering Upgrade: New filters were introduced to quoting, enhancing the ability to refine and streamline quote management.
  • Streamlined Quote Approval: Tailor your approval process for managers. Enable the ‘Filter Quote Approval List by Sales Manager’ feature in admin settings to ensure managers can exclusively approve quotes for the salespeople under their management. This provides a streamlined and targeted approval experience.
  • eTicket Text Message Control: Take charge of your notifications. You can now choose not to send text messages for order start, order creation, ticket, and order end eTicket events, giving you precise control over your eTicket messaging preferences.

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