Material Pro 3.26 and Material Now 3.21

Material Pro 3.26 and Material Now 3.21

We’re thrilled to announce the upcoming release of Material Pro and Material Now. Discover the latest enhancements, improved features, and increased productivity that will transform your experience.


Material Pro 3.26 


  • Enhanced map settings now allow users to save satellite and traffic preferences.
  • Users are now prompted to increase order quantity when transitioning a plus order from hold to ASAP status.
  • Auto-additional fee logic is now implemented based on the distance to the job location.
  • Added eTicketing functionality for counter sales.
  • Added ability to add packaged goods to tickets mid-cycle.
  • Added order status to first-round and first-round export.
  • Enabled editing of dispatch and delivery instructions during and after ticketing.
  • Introduced the option to record invoices in Avalara instead of tickets.
  • Enhanced logistics performance by optimizing column parsing logic.
  • Upgraded order chat NLP suggestion logic to better handle multi-intention messages and support various
    time zones.
  • Streamlined validation behavior by alerting users when selecting a customer in “no sale” status in the order
  • Resolved unexpected logout issues experienced by users.
  • Fixed issues causing counter sales to generate incorrect final ticket PDFs.




  • Enhanced backlog graph to include remaining quantity for better project tracking.
  • Updated project estimates tool to support remaining quantity and display last order date for accurate
  • Implemented logic to automatically distribute non-ticketed quantity throughout the remaining project
  • Improved backlog report by introducing expandable rows for convenient viewing and analysis.
  • Optimized spreadsheet columns in backlog report export for improved data analysis.
  • Added measures based on quote approval and bid status for comprehensive project evaluation.
  • Enhanced meeting reminder email by including convenient links to linked records.
  • Added new measures based around quote bid status, quote approvals, and quotes sent.




  • Implemented notifications for rejected invoices due to invalid recipient email addresses, ensuring accurate and efficient invoicing.
  • Introduced configurable settings for Lock Manager, providing flexibility and customization options.
  • Enhanced order cloning functionality with configurable settings, making it easier to create new orders based
    on existing ones.
  • Introduced plant group settings for order requests, allowing for specific configurations based on different
    plant groups.
  • Streamlined plant group configuration for improved management and organization.
  • Added measure recalculation tool for accurate and efficient recalculation of measures.




  • Added Coretex integration
  • Added support for PRINT_TKT_PRICES_FLAG_DISP for Command import
  • Added support for CA_ fields for Command import
  • Added plant design tables to read replica databases
  • Improved support for linking newly added trucks in BCMI to DigitalFleet




  • Configurable dashboards are now available for customer, opportunity, project, order, order request, quality control, ticket, plant, plant group, and truck lists.
  • Added ability to revive certain inactive records, providing flexibility in record management.
  • Improved search in lists by making each column a searchable item, enhancing navigation and data retrieval.
  • Added delivery and pickup filters to the order list, facilitating easy tracking of orders.
  • Introduced dispatch, external, and billing notes filters to ticket lists, allowing efficient organization and
    access to relevant information.
  • Implemented attachment filters to supported records, simplifying file management and retrieval.
  • Added custom notes for tickets and quotes per plant, providing additional flexibility and customization
  • Incorporated production capacity and operation hours into the plant form, enabling better planning and
    resource allocation.
  • Introduced a truck daily tickets measure, offering insights into daily ticketing activities per truck.
  • Updated the single-day calendar selector by adding a button for single-day changes and allowing users to
    type in a date for quick navigation.
  • Removed the requirement for a driver email address, streamlining the data entry process.
  • User interface improvements made to the orders calendar, enhancing the visual experience and usability.


Did you miss the release webinar for Material Pro 3.26 and Material Now 3.21? No problem! Click for the recording so you can catch up on all the exciting details.

Material Now 3.21

  • Adjusted order request workflow by moving order start time and date to step 3: scheduling
  • Made alerts its own tool (Mobile only)


July Material Monthly Release Highlights

  • Support for Single Sign On (SSO) in Material Pro
  • Voice interaction with Material Now
  • Dashboards for Bulk Material Pro