Material Pro 3.19 and Material Now 3.14 (10.15.21)

Material Pro 3.19 and Material Now 3.14 (10.15.21)

Dispatch Updates

Design and development continues on BCMI’s cloud-based Ready Mix Dispatch system. The following features have been added by request of our producer group:

  • The “Order Report” tab allows dispatchers to export all orders for a specific day.
  • “Plant Selector” allows dispatchers to customize access.
  • “Contact List” in the order form is filtered by customer.
  • Double-clicking opens editable forms for orders, customers, projects and plants.
  • Dispatchers can add and sort by “Order Start Time” in the logistics screen.
  • Closed or cancelled orders can no longer be edited.
  • Delivery notes for a project will carry over to new orders for that project.
  • A warning appears if a truck is ticketed at a different location than its “Current Plant.”
  • The ticket time countdown no longer includes seconds.

Truck Chat 2.0

A new Truck Chat tool allows dispatchers to view and manage driver communications more easily.

  • Choose each truck to view the message thread.
  • See order details, including job location and customer, for each truck.
  • Send messages to:
    • A single truck
    • All trucks on an order
    • All trucks at a plant
    • All trucks at a plant group
  • Create scripted messages such as “Return to Plant.”
  • Send urgent messages that display in a different color.
  • For more details and FAQs, see the Truck Chat guide.

eTicket + eSign

  • The truck number is included in the eTicket list (URL link).
  • The “Notes” icon indicates which tickets have notes (URL link).
  • eSigning no longer requires a second confirmation.
  • Producers can require customers to accept S&L terms before viewing the eTicket or order link (optional setting).

Material Pro v. 3.19

  • New integration for Coretex truck signaling is complete.
  • Order request emails now include plant, plant group, admixtures and packaged goods.
  • Fixed a bug with the “Approve & Send” quote feature for sales managers.
  • Plant column added to invoice ticket lists.
  • Added support for products taxed at different rates (tax codes and material purchase certificates).
  • Print multiple eTicket PDFs.
  • New truck statuses added to maps:
    • Emergency
    • Begin wash
    • Not ready
    • Begin break
    • Shutdown
    • At shop
    • Deadhead
  • Added satellite and traffic views to all maps.

Material Now v. 3.14

  • Daily and weekly order reports are sent only on days/weeks when orders are scheduled.
  • “Demo Mode” for producers now includes options to view as Supervisor or Customer Admin. Customer Admin view shows Accounts, Performance and User Admin tools (web only).
  • Order Request form updates clarify options to “Save Draft” and “Submit Request.”
  • Added satellite and traffic views to all maps.
  • Print multiple eTicket PDFs.