Material Pro 3.15 / Material Now 3.10 (1.24.2021)

Material Pro 3.15 / Material Now 3.10 (1.24.2021)

Updates to the Material Pro Administration Panel allow producers to manage Plant Group configurations. New features are added to eTicket+eSign in Material Pro, to improve producers’ access to their customers’ digital tickets. 

Material Pro Administration Panel

  • Create new Plant Groups.
  • Change existing Plant Group structure by adding and removing plants.
  • Recalculate Plant Group measures to reflect organizational changes.
  • Schedule recalculation of Plant Group measures for a desired time (i.e., after business hours).


  • Cumulative totals for COD orders are added to order details.
  • Producers can resend eTicket texts and web links to customers from Material Pro.
  • Customer number is added to eTickets.
  • Producers can show or hide the Material Now app link in eTicket views.

Material Pro v. 3.15

  • Improved support for mobile Chat alerts and notifications.
  • Added customer number to project and order details and to forms.
  • General improvements to table views.
  • Improved labels in order details.
  • Improved support for importing products with projects.
  • New Dispatch logic triggers auto-added overtime fees.

Material Now v. 3.10

  • General bug fixes and visual improvements.