Weather Stamps for Concrete Tickets

Weather Stamps for Concrete Tickets

Did you know every concrete ticket in Material Pro and Material Now includes a weather stamp?

What does it do?

Weather stamps deliver up-to-the-minute weather updates for every concrete ticket. Fueled by WeatherKit, this feature records exact weather conditions at the time each load of concrete is placed (from the nearest weather station).

Why should you care?

  • Record Transparency: Weather data is automatically saved with each ticket record, accessible to both producers and contractors. This transparency empowers you to verify weather conditions at any point in the past.
  • Dispute Resolution: Easily spot issues with concrete quality due to unfavorable weather. With this feature, project partners possess an accurate record of weather conditions at “begin pour” time.
  • Efficiency in Investigations: In case concrete quality concerns arise weeks or even months after a project’s completion, producers and contractors can quickly research jobsite weather conditions. The details you need are meticulously recorded: temperature, humidity, wind, precipitation, date and time.

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