“We’ve been impressed by BCMI’s development turnaround time. When they say they’ll deliver a new feature in three months, you can count on it.”

LaNette Andrews, Director of Production Systems

Clyde Companies, Inc.

A new take on ‘responsive’ design

From the beginning, BCMI’s software has been conceived and designed by leading construction materials producers and industry experts. Our new features and upgrades are developed in one-month “sprints,” and our development roadmap charts deliverables in six-month increments.

Find out more about our streamlined approach to product design.

Guided by industry expertise

BCMI began with the combined vision of a core group of concrete, aggregate and cement producers. This diverse group of executives, IT experts, and sales leaders evaluates every product we deliver. They meet bi-annually to debate and reset our design priorities. Every current and future BCMI customer benefits from this collective wisdom.

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Improvements through the years


First mobile & web interfaces, RMX producer app, Dispatch & GPS integrations, Cloud data setup


RMX contractor apps, TrimView Direct white-label app,


First producer design session, Interactive order request & messaging, Analytics integration, Multi-language options


CRM features, Reporting engine, Ticketing integration, Bulk contractor app, Proprietary Dispatch trial


Live Dispatch, Tablet app, Quoting

The economic impact is proven

Investing in technology is a serious decision. Beyond the initial or monthly fee, implementing new software takes time and usually involves process changes. You’ve got to have more than a hunch that the technology “will pay for itself” – you want real numbers. Find out how real producers have recovered real money with BCMI.

No one should hold your data hostage

BCMI is on a mission to shed light on your data, not hoard it. Any information that flows into the BCMI Platform is available to its owners via intuitive web applications, a web interface, and transactional features. Customers export data, generate reports, and access standard queries. After all, it’s your data.