David “Craig” Yeack

Co-founder, President & CEO
  • Global IT Director, Hanson PLC
  • VP Services, BMG Seltec aka Five Cubits
  • VP Professional Services, Alkon Corp

Craig Yeack is the President and Co-Founder of the Bulk Construction Materials Initiative (BCMI), a cloud-based, mobile SaaS platform for the digital transformation of the industry which produces ready mix concrete, aggregate, cement, and hot mix asphalt. BCMI is a collaborative effort with leading materials producers, including Titan America, IMI, Ozinga, Clyde Companies, CalPortland, Summit Materials, Miles Sand & Gravel, BARD, Graniterock, Smith Ready Mix, and many more.

BCMI was created when the industry as we knew it stopped innovating. While technology was readily available, the industry was being left behind. This demanded a new thinking about IT and our systems. Our goal as a collaborative was to fundamentally grow our businesses and the industry as a whole through digitization.

Initially a group of 8 companies came together to create a development roadmap. The roadmap remains a direct response to the producers’ priorities and it is reevaluated every six months to ensure its relevance.

BCMI works with large companies, like CalPortland, to super regional companies, like IMI and Ozinga, to small companies, like B&B Concrete. We aim to create a complete ecosystem within the industry to support growth in the future.

Craig started his professional career at Battelle, the world’s largest nonprofit research laboratory. His role focused on mathematical algorithm development for computer-aided design and machining, with the group ultimately commercializing a successful CAD/CAM software product through a venture-backed spinoff. While at Battelle, he also contributed to mathematical algorithms and technology for noninvasive measurement of blood constituents using near infra-red spectrographic analysis, targeted toward the commercialization of diabetes testing devices.

After Battelle, he held Vice President roles for two independent software vendors, Alkon Corp and BMG Seltec (now both dba as CommandAlkon), serving the international mining and construction materials industry. His roles included leading software development, service, and professional service. He has also worked closely with venture capital and private equity concerns, helping onboard and integrate acquisitions such as TrackIT, a mobile phone-based truck tracking system. His primary expertise is specialized software development and services for vertical integration with mainline ERP for large, enterprise applications.

After BMG Seltec, Craig served as Global IT Director for Business Process at Hanson PLC (now dba HeidelbergCement AG). He joined Hanson at the invitation of executive management to globalize IT operations spanning 1600 locations in 14 countries through Governance, Architecture and Outsourcing.

Yeack holds Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in mechanical engineering from The Ohio State University. He was awarded patents through General Motors and has published several papers including SAP’s industry strategy whitepaper,Best Practice IT for the Bulk Construction Materials Industry.”

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