Bernard Benson

Co-founder, Emeritus
  • Founder BMG Seltec (aka Five Cubits) now dba CommandAlkon
  • Vice President of Engineering, Marketing, and Worldwide Sales, Boeing Construction Equipment Company

Bernard Benson, an expert in plant productivity and engineering for the construction materials industry, has been recognized for his success in assisting the construction material vertical’s drive to leverage “general purpose” computing technologies and software to modernize operations, reduce operating cost and achieve higher overall profits.

Benson’s early career was with The Boeing Company, where he was recognized by NASA and the US Air Force for technical excellence and innovation involving Space shuttle and other projects, winning several awards. His last assignment with Boeing was as Vice President of Engineering, Marketing, and Worldwide Sales for the Boeing Construction Equipment Company, a producer of asphalt production plants. Benson holds several patents relating to improved process plant design and improvement and was awarded Boeing’s second-highest patent award for his inventions related to asphalt recycling.

In the late eighties, Benson led a successful purchase of the enterprise from Boeing and renamed the company, BMG Corporation. In 1990, he purchased Seltec Corporation, a producer of aftermarket asphalt and concrete plant controls. He has since led the initiative to transform the company’s offering to state-of-the-art software systems and services for the aggregate, concrete, and asphalt industry in North America.

Benson is a P.E. and holds a master’s degree in engineering from the University of Washington.

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