Vision & Values

Our Vision

Our Vision is to be the technology partner of choice for the bulk construction materials industry. We are pragmatic innovators who provide best-in-class products and services.

Bringing data to light

BCMI captures your data from various sources and transforms it into actionable business intelligence. Mobile and web apps deliver real-time information to any mobile device or office. With cloud-based computing, your technology investment becomes more predictable and “right-sized.” Updates happen quickly so you can stay focused on your core business.

Next-gen technology you need

We didn’t invent wireless connectivity or cloud computing, but these technologies make the Bulk Construction Materials Initiative possible. Our industry is thinking outside the server room. We are fast-forwarding past the days of manually combing through different software and systems. Data from any system in your operation is now transported to the cloud and delivered on a smartphone or tablet, when and where you need it most.

The BCMI data transport

Our first step in working with new customers is to audit and gather data from critical systems. Data is transferred via the BCMI Data Transport into your dedicated BCMI Cloud Database. Together, we thoroughly validate the data and establish a continuous, real-time feed. This creates a solid foundation for success in the BCMI Platform.

Signed. Sealed. Delivered.

To start seeing the value of real-time data, simply put it in people’s hands. Empower your team to make data-driven decisions. Share job site updates and account statuses with your customers. It begins by installing the Material Pro and Material Now mobile apps.

A new take on “responsive” design

BCMI operates on streamlined, one-month development cycles, based on continual evaluation of our customers’ priorities. Weekly – and often daily – customer contact keeps us focused on the critical path. Regular design sessions with producers provide invaluable feedback and ideas.

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