Custom Profiles in Material Pro

Custom Profiles in Material Pro

Material Pro was designed to make it easy for users to manage and control their teams. With the addition of customizable profiles, it has never been easier to do just that!

Completely customizable user profiles have been added to Material Now. This allows users to create specific role-based custom profiles for their team members. This means that different users can be assigned different roles and have access to different features on the Material Pro platform.

While some users may be familiar with Material Pro’s default profile system, custom profiles allow users to create a custom profile outside the default profiles for each user and assign them the appropriate permissions. For example, an admin could decide that some of their users should only be able to access the Sales Tools, while others should be able to access specific Sales Tools as well as the Dispatching System offered in Material Pro.

Are you a Material Pro user? Visit our Help Center to learn how to create custom profiles.

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