BCMI Announces Strategic Partnership With Marcotte Systems 

BCMI Announces Strategic Partnership With Marcotte Systems 

Topics: ready-mix producers, Marcotte Systems, concrete industry

BCMI and Marcotte Systems, technology leaders in software for producing and delivering concrete, announced the successful integration of their solutions to provide a seamless experience for ready-mix producers. This combined cloud-based solution marks a major milestone in concrete batching and delivery.

“We are delighted to establish this formal partnership with Marcotte,” BCMI President and Co-founder Craig Yeack said. “Our integrated implementations for innovation leaders such as Smith Ready Mix have proven that our solutions work together seamlessly and bring incremental value to the producer. We look forward to our upcoming implementations at Tanis Concrete and many others in the future.”

“Real-time data sharing is crucial to optimizing efficiency and productivity. This can only be obtained through seamless integration and communication between the producer’s core systems, devices and software. Interoperability is the future technological strategy as data is the fuel to the producer’s competitive edge,” said Marcotte Systems Chief Executive Officer, Joel Bardier.

BCMI and Marcotte share values such as honesty, integrity, and teamwork, as well as a strong commitment to innovating and strengthening the concrete industry.

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