The Power of Choice

The Power of Choice

Topics: concrete industry

With so many technology options available these days, end users expect a lot from their software providers. This is especially true in the concrete industry, a niche market that requires specialized solutions and on-demand user support. Yet even in an increasingly digital world, many concrete and bulk materials producers are frustrated by a lack of modern, industry-specific solutions. As a result, more producers are investing time, talent and treasure into creating the cutting-edge technology they need.

In fact, several companies are part of a unique network of producers who have partnered with BCMI to develop tech tools that benefit all producers. This feature article in Concrete Products explains the partnership between BCMI (the acronym stands for Bulk Construction Materials Initiative because we began as a collaborative process between materials producers and expert software developers) and our growing producer network. Recently, three producers from our network became investors in BCMI. The article covers the new milestone and what it means for BCMI and our customers.

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