The Case for DOT ‘E-Info’ Standardization

The Case for DOT ‘E-Info’ Standardization

Topics: concrete industry, digitization

COVID-19 has pushed our industry to catch up with digitization, and we pretty much like it. The service-orientated architecture of today’s information technology (IT) systems empowers each producer to choose the best unique IT landscape for their needs. But how do state transportation departments harvest and leverage the new wealth of unique electronic information we make available? More importantly, how do they share it back with us?

Enter Joe Spinelli of HaulHub.

In this Tech Trends column from Concrete Products, BCMI’s Craig Yeack explains how HaulHub has created a universal data platform for DOTs that brings in electronic ticket information from many different systems, including BCMI’s eTicket+eSign feature, and makes it compatible with their data management systems, like AASHTOware. The e-Ticket data can be mined and shared. BCMI is working with our producer network to seamlessly transfer the data.

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