Empowering Concrete Producers with Seamless Software Integration

Empowering Concrete Producers with Seamless Software Integration

We are excited to introduce BCMI’s API Portal, a cloud-based solution that facilitates seamless integration of third-party applications to the BCMI platform. This includes integrations to BCMI Logistics, CRM, Material Pro, and Material Now. This tool empowers concrete producers to integrate their existing third-party software into the BCMI platform, enabling producers to create a comprehensive cloud-based suite for their day-to-day operations.

Plug-in to BCMI’s User-Friendly Interface
At BCMI, we understand the unique needs of the construction materials industry and have leveraged our deep industry background and the expertise of construction materials producers to develop software solutions tailored to their operations. Producers directly impact the design of our software by identifying essential tools and guiding our development priorities. This collaborative approach has been key to our success.

“The API Portal is a significant milestone for BCMI as we continue to innovate and provide our customers with the tools they need to drive their business forward,” said Ryan Corcoran, V.P. operations at BCMI. “With this portal, we are empowering our customers with seamless integration capabilities, allowing them to easily access and utilize our APIs to revolutionize their operations and unlock new opportunities.”

The portal provides a user-friendly interface, comprehensive documentation, and robust support resources. In addition to providing integration with our products and services, the API Developer Portal also offers comprehensive documentation and support resources to ensure smooth integration and implementation. We are dedicated to providing an open and accessible portal that promotes industry-wide innovation and collaboration.

“It’s your data, period,” reinforces Craig Yeack, Founder and CEO of BCMI. “BCMI is built from the outside in, starting with you.  With the addition of the API Portal, you now have even more low friction options to gather and send your data to the places that empower your customers and your enterprise.”

The BCMI API Portal is now available for our valued customers. Producers can take integrate existing workflows into the BCMI platform, unlocking new levels of efficiency and productivity. With its modern and user-friendly interface, comprehensive documentation, and robust support resources, the API Developer Portal empowers concrete producers with a comprehensive cloud-based suite for improving day-to-day operations. chance Take advantage of this opportunity to optimize your operations – explore the API Developer Portal today and experience the benefits of BCMI’s commitment to innovation in the concrete industry!

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