Increase Productivity With Mobile QC for Concrete

Increase Productivity With Mobile QC for Concrete

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Mobile quality control technology for concrete contractors can help avoid extra expenses and wasted time. Real-time mobile data ensures quick and accurate information about the testing process. 

Mistakes are costly in the concrete industry. What can you do to avoid undue expenses? The future of concrete is moving towards mobile quality control technology.  


What is Mobile Quality Control? 
As the world advances toward digitization, the construction industry is starting to incorporate more opportunities in technology. Mobile quality control (QC) technology can make the concrete testing process quicker and improve accuracy.  


How it Works 
Mobile quality control for concrete functions in a relatively simple way. Sensors are placed either at the plant, on the drum, or both. These sensors monitor everything from temperature to slump to air. There are technologies that can work together such as BCMI’s Material Now and CiDRA’s SMARThatch. With this technology in the palm of their hands, contractors and workers at concrete plants can get real-time data on the state of a load of cement. Having information at your disposal at any moment can ensure that loads aren’t wasted and removal is not necessary.  

Time savings, cost savings, environmental protection, safety benefits, Less Over-design and Rip-and-replace, and claims disputes.  

Having mobile quality control technology at your fingertips enables a more informed and simplistic way of dealing with concrete— helping make placing concrete more productive, cost-efficient, and reducing guesswork. 

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