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Industry Press

Anatomy of a Modern Concrete Producer

What does it really mean to be a “modern” concrete producer in the year 2020? The answer lies in smart use of mobile technology and cloud computing.

Concrete InFocus

Spring 2020

How to Improve Business? Fix Time First

Concrete Supply Co. uses mobile technology to streamline operations, enhance customer interaction and strengthen its bottom line.

Concrete Products

September 2019

A Better Way To Pour Concrete

Wireless sensors, data analysis, and artificial intelligence are transforming concrete into a more precise building tool.

Building Forward

May 2019

Five Things to Demand From Your Concrete Supplier

Concrete producers can—and should—deliver vital, real-time job information via mobile apps.

Concrete Contractor magazine

December 2018

The Future of Dispatch

BCMI customers reveal their plans, and the industry’s demands, to adopt modern, integrated dispatch systems.

Concrete Products magazine

August 2018

Today’s Ready Mix Producers Expect More from Technology Providers

Producers are no longer constrained by one-size-fits-none solutions that have created frustration in the past.

NRMCA’s Concrete InFocus magazine

Summer 2018

‘Tech Talk’ Wins 2018 Construction Media Alliance Editorial Award for Best Column

Craig Yeack’s ‘Tech Talk’ series is recognized for excellence in construction journalism.

Operating in Data-driven Times

Mobile technology transforms the concrete industry by delivering timely, targeted information.

The Concrete Producer magazine

January 2015