Co-Founder, BCMI Corp

BCMI President Craig Yeack is passionate about using technology to transform the ready-mix industry. Over the years, he has shared his deep knowledge of software development and professional service through multiple trade publications, providing construction materials producers with insightful knowledge on how to use cloud-based technology solutions to improve their business. He was a contributing columnist for The Concrete Producer (Tech Talk column) and now writes the Tech Trends column for Concrete Products.

Technology Trends

in Concrete Products magazine

Shining the Light on Precast

Modern precast is critical infrastructure, immense and, by definition, hidden. A hidden asset presents a huge problem.

The Future of Batching

Producers must decide between sticking with batching systems that do a good enough job and upgrading to one that runs masterfully with improved accuracies and uptime.


Newsflash: The digital enterprise is not complicated

Ready-mix concrete is a “now” industry. Real time. No delays. It’s time for us to catch up with what our kids already have: Instant access to information and collaboration with everyone all the time.

The Modern Ready-Mix Customer

Modernizing the business of ready-mix, part 3 of 3.
Running a ready-mix concrete operation is tough. Pat yourself on the back for exactly three seconds. Now for the crushing reality: Running a concrete construction operation is just as tough, if not more.

The 'NOW' System Landscape

Modernizing the business of ready-mix, part 2 of 3.
Managing construction materials is a complicated “now” business. Dozens of independent factors must be tamed to achieve on-time, on-site, on-spec fulfillment.

Concrete Batching: Buy vs. Build

Modernizing the business of ready mix, part 1 of 3
Many concrete producers are considering the merits of upgrading their software and hardware for concrete batching.

Taking the Pork Out of the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act

H.R.3684, all 1,372 pages using size 12 Robo font, is a whopper. Every dollar sign is followed by at least six zeros, and it’s pretty much hopeless to sum up the total to be spent.

The Case for DOT 'E-Info' Standardization

Concrete A I(nnovation)

A Case for Industry 4.0 in Ready-Mix Production

Why COVID is Pushing Our Industry to the Cloud

The Green Dividend: Alternative Fuel Sources

When Time and Inventory Collide: High-Tech Inventory Management

The U.S. Ready Mix Industry: It’s Still a Great Place to Be

Cloud or Closet: What’s Best for Internet Security?

2021: Year of the Digital Enterprise

Ready-Mix for Smalltown, USA

Technology plays a unique role in small markets

The Value of Control

Building a Better Driver

Back to the Future for Precast

The Urgency of Real-Time Benchmarking

Buying Innovation

Another Step to Sustainability

Truck Tracking 2.0: What’s Next?

Industry Perfectly Poised to Deploy Mobile Workforce

Evolution of Concrete Plants

Five Reasons CRM Matters

Customers Rank

Extract & Act

Drivers, Start Your Engines!

Tech Talk

in The Concrete Producer magazine

ROI of the Cloud

Case study: Cloud computing reduces costs

Sharing the Wealth of Information

Case study: Reduce cancelled loads, and everyone wins.

How Valuable is Your Money?

Case study: Minimize the cost of being your customers’ “bank.”

How Valuable is Your Time?

Case study: Getting drivers in and out of job sites quickly is a win-win for concrete producers and contractors.

Driving Down Cost for Concrete Producers

Concrete Producers Should Work Smarter, Not Harder

Hi-Tech Solutions to the Ready-Mix Driver Shortage

High-Tech Support Helps Make the Sale

Five Things You Should Know About BIM

Predicting the Next Economic Downturn

Can Intelligent Equipment Make You Smarter?

Tapping into Wireless Technology: Part II

Tapping into Wireless Technology: Part I

Producers Level the Playing Field with Technology

Moving at the Speed of Millennials

Technology: The Trust Differentiator

Five Technology Trends Changing the Concrete Industry