Material Pro 3.18 and Material Now 3.13 (8.21.21)

Material Pro 3.18 and Material Now 3.13 (8.21.21)

Order Request 2.0

The Order Request feature has been completely revamped in Material Now and Material Pro.

  • Customers can track new orders from drafts to review and confirmed statuses.
  • Producers and customers can discuss order details by in-app chat or email.
  • Producers can easily manage and update requests in the new Order Request “inbox.”
  • Dispatchers can convert requests to scheduled orders directly in BCMI Dispatch.

Quote approvals

Sales teams have more control of the quote approval process in Material Pro:

  • Salespeople can designate which quotes are ready for approval, and when.
  • Sales managers are notified when specific quotes are ready for review.
  • Quotes can be approved to send or returned to a salesperson for revisions.
  • Producers set rules for quotes requiring approval.


  • Demand graphs can display up to 5 days in the future – with order quantities and available trucks.
  • Customer auto-add fees ensure that, if a fee with an auto-add rule is added to a customer record, the fee will apply to all orders for that customer.
  • Max order quantity (3000cy) prevents large order quantities from overloading the dispatch system.

Material Pro v. 3.18

General improvements:

  • Improved delivery graphs for imported multi-schedule orders.
  • Added PDF option to ticket exports.
  • Added plant name and number to eTickets.
  • eTicket text messages can now include order quantity and cumulative load quantity.
  • Quote lists include a “version” column.
  • Improvements to backlog graphs.
  • Product records can be marked as default choices for customer order requests.
  • “Principal” customer contacts can be flagged and filtered.
  • Implemented new Chat engine (GetStream) to support order request updates.
  • Improved routing logic to make task queues more efficient.

Material Now v. 3.13

General improvements:

  • Order request form updates.
  • Order request updates are delivered by device notifications, email, chat messages, and/or in-app alerts.
  • Added option for satellite map views.