Material Pro 3.30 / Material Now 3.25

Material Pro 3.30 / Material Now 3.25

Material Pro 3.30 

AI Assistant – ProPilot (BETA)
The new ProPilot AI Assistant is designed for faster navigation and dynamic queries. ProPilot quickly answers data-related questions to deliver business-critical information on demand.

New Alerts Engine
A new Alerts engine expands options for tailored notifications. This new system allows for customization, so the notifications meet each user’s specific needs.

Split Load Function
In this release, we have added a split load function when editing scheduled ticket load sizes. You can now split loads to better manage order quantities.

Opportunity List & Map Filters
New filters for “lost” opportunities allow tracking by “lost reason” and “lost to competitor” names. Filtered results appear on opportunity maps and lists, enhancing your ability to manage opportunities effectively.

New Cost-Based Measures
Eight new cost-based measures have been added to provide more detailed and accurate financial insights:

  • Material cost
  • Material cost average
  • Contribution margin
  • Contribution margin average
  • Contribution margin ratio
  • Material margin
  • Material margin average
  • Material margin ratio

Material Now 3.25 

Ordered Quantity
Total ordered quantity will not reflect any changes related to defective product quantities (with BCMI Dispatch). For example, if a ticketed load is changed due to a quality issue, it will not affect the total ordered quantity visible to customers. Material Now will only reflect changes made to the order quantity.