Material Pro 3.24 and Material Now 3.19

Material Pro 3.24 and Material Now 3.19

Material Pro 3.24

• The ability to set prices that will take effect at a future date has been added.

• The cost calculator is now available for use in sales, projects, and products, thanks to the expansion of its capabilities.

• The ability to control auto-add fees on a project and customer level has been added.

• A new feature has been added that allows you to edit existing work types or add custom work types and categories.

• Work type validations have been added to ensure that the correct products are used for the corresponding work types. This new feature allows users to restrict products based on work type.

• The ability to edit the specific gravity of any material has been added.

• The ability to compare customer scorecards and export customer scorecard data has been added.

• The ability to export all opportunities, quotes, and product data has been added.

• A tool for actively monitoring quality has been added.

Material Now 3.19

• A project tool has been added that enables empowered users to view all tickets, orders, and KPIs for an entire project.

A standalone chat tool has been added to mobile.

• The navigation on the mobile app has been redesigned.


Please Note: Italicized items are UI changes that every user will see