Material Pro 3.21

Material Pro 3.21



  • Trucks can be assigned to be ticketed to the same order automatically.
  • When the truck arrives to the plant you can now choose the next ticket the truck will receive.
  • User friendly filters that have been added to allow you to easily switch between “views.”
  • Order locking now allows you to lock an order from order list or order actions menu. Ticketing, editing, status change, cloning is prohibited until order is unlocked.
  • The order locking system has been enhanced to allow any user that can lock an order can now unlock an order. Any order, past, present, or future can be locked. An order is locked until it is unlocked.
  • Seamlessly search available trucks by plant, filter by plant group, and sort by plant.
  • Dispatchers are now prompted to decide when ticketing a truck with undecided return primary product. Once a decision is made the ticketing form opens. Previously when a truck had returned primary product with no decision, ticketing of that truck was blocked until a decision was made.



  • The ability to link from the opportunity to the project has been added.
  • The link in the quote approval process request email has been enhanced and now allows users directly launch the quote approval tool.
  • Improved distance and travel calculations to increase ETA accuracy.
  • Added the ability to create, edit, and send quotes all from your mobile device
  • Packaged goods can now be flagged as “common quoting” and added by default to opportunities



  • The system now allows you to monitor the average minutes of an order. Each measure is available at the order, customer, project, plant, and plant group records.
  • Support for Canadian addresses have been added.
  • Chat history has been added to allow circle back on any conversation.
  • Canadian address support has been added.



  • Memory has been increased to improve overall performance and prevent crashes and timeouts.
  • Group logo support has been added. This allows a plant groups that are a separate operating company or has its own logo, to be shown on eTicket/order URLs instead of the default company logo.
  • A void event to Digital Fleet when arrive plant event is manually done by a dispatcher or closed after 12 hours of scheduled arrive plant event.
  • Improved list response times.


Material Now 3.16

  • “Block” and “Lot” fields added to location in order request form.
  • More choices for “Spacing” added to order request form.
  • Tool tips have been added to assist with new projects in the order request form.
  • Drivers Names added to tickets.