Material Pro 3.20 and Material Now 3.15 (12.17.21)

Material Pro 3.20 and Material Now 3.15 (12.17.21)


Thanks to our producer group’s feedback, Ready Mix Dispatch enhancements include:

  • Configurable ticket time restriction.
  • Pricing source added to COD order form (applies to new orders going forward).
  • Custom price field added to order form.
  • Customers and plants can be found by name or number in the order form.
  • Titles can be added to demand graphs
  • Material graphs are updated with each load ticketed (versus the entire order).
  • Product field (dropdown) is wider in the order form.
  • “Reschedule” is selected by default when tickets are voided.

Quoting & CRM

Many updates have been made to Estimates and Backlog reports.

  • Columns for Estimation Accuracy and Quantity Not Estimated added to Backlog.
  • Links to salesperson and project lists added to Backlog.
  • Filters added to Estimates & Backlog report (customer, project, estimated quantity, etc.).
  • View combinations in Backlog report: plant groups + customers and plants + projects.
  • Ticketed quantities in Backlog now include tickets not associated with projects.
  • Export function added to Estimates.

Order Request

  • Added order request export option.
  • Filter for “Status last changed by” shows the person who made the most recent updates.
  • Added product, city, and street to searchable terms.
  • Added “placement method” and “requested status” to order request emails and full order request details in Material Pro.

Admin Panel

  • NEW SECTION: Dispatch configuration tools
    • Ticket time restriction (Ex: tickets can be allocated 2 hrs before first load).
    • Customizable messages to drivers for returned products.
    • First-round report settings.
  • Order request
    • Option to require acceptance of safety and liability terms to submit an order request.
    • Customizable accept and cancel messages for order requests.
    • Custom selection of work types available for order requests.
    • Time zone setting for order request start times.
  • General
    • Material Pro and Material Now app users listed separately.

Material Pro v. 3.20

  • Added “Distance per Quantity” measure.
  • Added “Tickets Batched” measure.
  • Added support for batch weight PDF generation when the batch contains fewer than expected materials.
  • Added more ticket details to batch weights PDF.
  • Increased meeting and quote notes from 500 to 2,000 character limit.
  • Increased the “notes” column width in the meetings list.
  • Added canceled order properties to eOrder pages if the order is canceled.
  • Invoicing: Added pricing source to ticket lists and fixed several issues.

Material Pro Bulk:

  • Added order timeline tool.
  • Fixed an issue with product links from ticket lists.

Material Now v. 3.15

  • Added order status and order time zone selection to order request.
  • Added placement method to order request.
  • Added order cancellation reason and message to order details.
  • Improved order of ticket tools to show document (if available) by default.
  • Fixed an issue with calendar date display for 6-week months (Android only).

Material Now Bulk:

  • Fixed an issue with UOM display in ticket timelines.