Material Pro 3.20.2 / Material Now 3.15.2 (02.03.22)

Material Pro 3.20.2 / Material Now 3.15.2 (02.03.22)

Ready-Mix Dispatch

The latest dispatch tools and “quality of life” features include:

  • Customize colors of order and truck blocks, and text
  • Pop-up truck details
  • Voided tickets included in order schedule
  • Optional “order contact” column in dispatch screen
  • Option to flag truck chats that require action
  • Returned concrete quantity and actions can be added or adjusted at any time during delivery cycle.


New buttons clarify options when a quote is completed:

  • Save without viewing contacts or sending
  • Save & Choose Recipients to confirm contacts and send quote(s)

Opportunity outcome:

  •  A list of competitor names can be added, to note on “lost” opportunities.


  • Ability to change ticket billing status at any time
  • Improved process for selecting records and clearing selections in ticket lists

Admin Panel

Material Now user access can now be configured independently for multiple producers. Contact the BCMI Support Team for help with this change.

  • If your customer already uses Material Now with another producer, first “claim” them in the user setup.
  • Grant the customer access as a Finisher, Supervisor or Customer Admin as needed.
  • Select optional features, such as Order request, eTicketing, or batch weights.
  • The customer’s access settings will be applied when they select your company in Material Now.
  • No special log out / log in is required to switch profiles.

Dispatch settings:

  • Email backup for daily dispatch schedule – add email recipients and frequency
  • On/off toggle for QC tools and scheduled plant design changes