Material Pro 3.17 / Material Now 3.12 (6.4.2021)

Material Pro 3.17 / Material Now 3.12 (6.4.2021)

Bulk Materials App

Material Now for bulk materials is completely redesigned! Mobile and web app features include:

  • Real-time product volume updates.
  • Truck tracking maps (where available).
  • Load weights.
  • eTicket+eSign (where available).
  • Product tracking by date and project.
  • Performance KPIs.
  • Current and historical orders.

For more details, see the Material Now Bulk app overview.

Sales Reports & Estimates

Rev 2 of sales reporting is here! New interactive graphs and reports deliver sales totals on demand.

In Mobile and Web Apps:

  • Backlog graphs compare volume and revenue and track trends over time.
  • Backlog reports detail sales activity by region, plant and salesperson.
  • Estimates show forecasted project volumes based on quoted jobs.

For more details, see BCMI Sales Reports and Estimates.


Ongoing improvements continue in Ready Mix Dispatch:

  • More flexibility for adding and removing “Auto-Add Fees” on orders.
  • Reduced demand graph load times. 
  • Improved audit log loading performance.
  • Updated logic for more accurate truck status updates (Digital Fleet).
  • Dispatchers can choose to see the Plant Name or Plant Number column.

Admin Panel

More configurations are available with this release.

  • Plant Group can be added to eTicket text messages.
  • Set escalator options ($ or %) for quotes and projects.
  • Added access protections for Material Now users with multiple company accounts (Phase I).

Material Pro v. 3.17

  • Added Marketing flag and filter to customer contacts.
  • Max load size for trucks can include decimals.
  • Added failover support for eTicket SMS messages.
  • Fixed an issue with custom date range calendars in dark mode.
  • Improved display of Recent Chats window (web only).
  • General bug fixes.

Material Now v. 3.12

  • New interfaces in mobile and web apps for Material Now for Bulk.
  • Improved display of Recent Chats window (web only).
  • Bug fixes and interface improvements.