Material Pro 3.16 / Material Now 3.11 (3.26.2021)

Material Pro 3.16 / Material Now 3.11 (3.26.2021)

Several advanced features have been added to the Material Pro Administration Panel, allowing Producer Admins to configure company-specific settings for various tools:

  •     Export lists of Material Now and Material Pro users (.xls format).
  •     Block quote emails during the CRM trial phase with “Testing Mode.”
  •     Opt in to receive “rejected” email messages for undeliverable quotes.
  •     Configure batch weight tolerances for accuracy calculations.
  •     Schedule data recalculations for performance measures.


 Ready-Mix Dispatch

  •     Demand Graphs can be viewed up to five days in the future.
  •     Dispatchers can mouse over a new “steering wheel” icon to see driver names for each truck.
  •     Truck colors change immediately when their return plant is changed.
  •     The order form for Account customers is streamlined to hide extra product lines.
  •     Max load size is added to Plant details.


CRM & Quoting

Sales teams have requested more user-friendly options in quote forms, and more company settings. We’ve delivered!

  •     A “Sales UOM” will display different units of measure for products on quotes.

o   Example: An admixture may be batched in ounces, but sold per load.

  •     Contact the BCMI Support Team for setup.
  •     Additional support for internal quote approval processes.

o   Contact the BCMI Support Team for setup.

  •     Tabs can be used for the entire quote entry process, in addition to using a mouse.
  •     The “N” hotkey tabs to the next step in the quote form.
  •     Map zoom setting shows more detail when pinning opportunities.

      Choose to view all contacts or filter contacts by customer when sending quote emails.